Knock 20 to 45 Minutes Off Your Check Out Time  

Did you know that you could check out with the material handling company any time after the start of the show?    Don’t wait till the end of the show when the lines are the longest. 

Your Booth Rental Is Expensive Enough.  Don’t Pay For Another Exhibitor’s Booth.

Common sense tells you that the “Official Show Carrier” incurs costs to exhibit at the show.  We don’t wish to diminish either their services or the choice the show management has made to let them be the “Official Show Carrier”.  Show management would not allow them to be there if they were not a reputable service that provided value to the exhibitors.  We just want you to know that if you use the “Official Show Carrier” the likelihood is that you will pay a premium for the services they offer compared to the exact same services offered by PTC

Compare Rates And Services

It is in your best financial interest to investigate your shipping options.  Our volume discounts and low operating costs allow us to pass on savings in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars to exhibitors who thought they were getting a great deal from their present service provider.

Book Your Return Shipment Prior To Going To The Show 

To make your check out that much faster PTC will provide you with pre-printed labels and shipping documents.  We will either send you the documents before you leave for the show or, if in the Las Vegas area, we will deliver them to your booth.

Having pre-printed labels will allow you to pack your booth material that much faster. You also have the added benefit of knowing that your packages are labeled with all the information needed to insure proper delivery back to your destination.

Always Check Out With The Material Handling Company

Failure to check out with the material handling company could COST YOU TIME & MONEY. 

For those new exhibitors we offer an explanation of why it is so important to insure that you check out with the material handling company.  For the experienced exhibitor you know how important this tip is. 

The Material Handling Company is responsible for moving your booth material to your booth prior to the show starting and then moving your material back to the dock after the show closes. 

The material handling company will charge you a fee for the service they provide.  This fee must be paid prior to your shipment being released to your transportation provider. If you leave the show floor without making arrangements to pay these fees the material handling company will move your material into a warehouse storage area.  You may incur additional handling, storage, and in many cases transportation charges. 

After you have packaged your material and are ready to leave the show floor bring your completed “Material Handling Document” back to the service booth.  This accomplishes several functions.

  • You are alerting the material handling company that your booth material is ready to be picked up
  • You are documenting the number of pieces that you have left in your booth
  • You are specifying your selected transportation provider
  • You insure that your fees are paid and no additional charges will be incurred

Use PTC As Your Transportation Service Provider

Ok this one may be a little self serving but based on our knowledge, our cost effective rate structure, and our commitment to excellent customer service we think you will find this the Best Overall Time & Money Saving Tip on this page.

We have built our company on the premise that  "What's In The Best Interest Of Your Company Is Always What's In The Best Interest Of Our Company".  Contact us for a no obligation assessment of your specific transportation needs.



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