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Innovative Design

We understand what is involved in producing an effective selling environment. We will design your booth to not only make you "stand out in the crowd" but also provide an atmosphere where your clients, and prospects, will be comfortable and know that your company is there to do business.

Own For Less Than The Cost Of Renting

With our Lease to Own option we will finance the cost of constructing your custom booth. All payments, during the lease period, will be applied to the purchase of your booth*. Contact our design department at 800-279-4782 x 8 for details.

3 Booths In 1

With our "Featured Booth" we were given the task of creating a design that could be used at 3 different shows, in 3 different formats. This customer wanted to maintain continuity, between shows, as many of his customers attended any combination of venues. They wanted the maximum amount of display space, with an enclosed office to write the Big Deals. Although they wanted an "impressive presence" they were also concerned with increasing drayage costs.

(20 x 30) (20 x 20) And (10 x 30)

Constructed from PVC slat wall material, to reduce weight (about the weight of "Light Weight MDF board", we designed a modular island booth that, by removing certain panels, could be configured as either a 20 x 30, 20 x 20, or 10 x 30 booth. Putting PVC slat wall material on both sides of the frame allowed this customer to display product on both the outside and inside of the booth. This customer ordered 1,500 hooks and 250 plastic shelves to display material. Four entrances provide easy access, from any direction, that a buyer may approach from.

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20 x 30
20 x 20
10 x 30

* Lease cost is normally less than renting a generic booth. Show minimums are agreed to and lease/purchase price is negotiated in advance.

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